Lemo Productions
Video Production, Event Video, TV Commercials, Corporate Video, etc
Lemo Productions
Scene from "Warrior Day" TV spot

Lemo Productions is a small high quality video Company.  We have over 20 awards including a CLIO.  We can work from your idea or create the idea for you.   We are a  very skilled group that has great pride in our high quality videos ability to sell your product.  The company is a unique blend of creative ability and business acumen.  

The two Bills and crew are often asked to go on assignment, covering special occasions and  have worked with notable public figures. Some of their work has appeared on network television as well as popular websites. The two Bills complement each others talent.  Bill IV is up on all the latest technology holds a degree in Visual Communication, and Bill III has a knowledge base derived from years of work at TV stations and Advertising Agency's.  

View the Lemo portfolio and you will understand why we love the business.

Bill Lemorande IV

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